About us

Whether you are looking to have a well-mannered family pet, enter your dog into obedience competitions, earn obedience titles, or even become a Certified Therapy Dog, we can help! 

I, Jennifer DeCuyke, owner and head trainer here at Paws Up Certified Dog Training, am proud to present my Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer – Level 2 (ABCDT-L2) Certification! Earning the ABCDT-L2 proves I have a solid foundation of dog training experience, as well as knowledge in teaching abilities, learning theory, canine behavior and more. This certification is not easy to achieve. It takes years of professional experience, training, education, referrals and testing. 

I promise you will be completely satisfied with our professional services!

Paws Up! Certified Dog Training teaches new behaviors to the dogs through luring, shaping, capturing, or molding. 



Jennifer's training philosophy follows the scientific behavioral principles based on classical conditioning and operant conditioning; and positive reinforcement.